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GLOBE HAUL. Globe Haul är en robust standardcykel som borde heta Globe Packåsna i Sverige. Pakethållaren tillåter tunga transporter. GLOBE HAUL. If you can get the job done on two wheels, why use a car? Whether inspired by eco-friendly pursuits or a bike messenger mentality, these committed urban riders are looking for a convenient and efficient vehicle with enough durability to handle packing and towing anything from a trailer full of groceries to a salvaged piece of furniture.

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GLOBE. Globe är Specializedkvalitet minus sport plus stilrent. Globe är helt enkelt riktigt snygga standardcyklar som ger svenska klassiker som Crescent och Monark en riktig tuff match. GLOBE. If you’ve never heard of Globe brand bicycles, we understand why. For years, we’ve been bike building, track standing, gridlock hating and generally running amuck in our individual cities and communities, but we only recently came together to create a new brand of urban-inspired bikes. Specialized knew they were overlooking one very large sector of the cycling community, and that’s where we stepped in to see what we could add—to see what inspiration we could bring to the mix. We started with some fresh ideas, a lot of different perspectives and a serious love for bikes, and in no time at all, we found our voice in bikes like the Roll, Live, Haul, Vienna and Carmel. Bikes that speak to people just like ourselves: urban cyclists, commuters, city dwellers, progressive and sustainable thinkers and so on. To start spreading the word, we chose one cycling-centric design company and an amazing photographer, packed up our bikes and headed out for some serious breaking in of our Globes.


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