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Hitta rätt cykel


Metoder och sätt för att välja rätt cykelstorlek skiljer sig för olika cykeltyper. Cykeltyperna som avses är det vi i Sverige kallar för herrcykel och som på engelska kallas diamond frame bicycle och damcykel som på engelska kallas step-through frame bicycle. För herrcyklar används metoden Stand Over Height eller Ståöverhöjd. För damcyklar används metoden Saddle Height Range eller Sadelhöjdspann.


Standover height is the basic element of bike fit. It is the distance from the ground to the top of the bicycle's frame at that point where your crotch is when straddling the bike. To check for correct standover height, straddle the bike while wearing the kind of shoes in which you'll be riding, and bounce vigorously on your heels. If your crotch touches the frame, the bike is too big for you.

A bike which you ride only on paved surfaces and never take off-road should give you a minimum standover height clearance of five centimeters. A bike that you'll ride on unpaved surfaces should give you a minimum of seven and a half centimeters of standover height clearance. And a bike that you'll use off road should give you ten centimeters or more of clearance.


Correct saddle adjustment is an important factor in getting the most performance and comfort from your bicycle. Check for correct frame size with up and down adjustment.

1. Sit on the saddle. 2. Place one heel on a pedal. 3. Rotate the crank until the pedal with your heel on it is in the down position and the crank arm is parallel to the seat tube.
If your leg is not completely straight, your saddle height needs to be adjusted. If your hips must rock for the heel to reach the pedal, the saddle is too high. If your leg is bent at the knee with your heel on the pedal, the saddle is too low. Once the saddle is at the correct height, make sure that the seat post does not project from the frame beyond its minimum insertion mark or maximum extension mark.