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SADDLE HEIGHT. Comfortable riding not only depends on the position of the saddle, but also on its height. You can accurately adjust the height of the saddle to the length of your legs when you proceed as follows. ONE. Straddle the saddle. Place the ball of your foot on the pedal nearest to the ground. Make sure the cranks are vertical. TWO. If the heel of your foot points down about 30 degrees, the height of the saddle is correct. CAUTION. Make sure that the limit mark on your seat post is inside the seat tube. If it is not  possible to reach the correct seat height, you have to choose a size above. Make sure that this mark is inserted into the frame. If you need to change the inclination of the saddle or the horizontal position, please make sure not to exceed the maximum tightening torque. Screws with M5 should be tightened with 6 Nm, M8  with 20 Nm. Please make sure the saddle is connected perfect with the seat post before every ride.

GEARS. The front and the rear derailleur have already been adjusted. Therefore, no readjustment will be necessary to begin with. However, it is advisable to check the adjustment of the gear change mechanism regularly.

GEARS CAUTION. To avoid excessive wear and damage of the chain, sprockets and chain wheels, we advise against the following combinations. Largest chain wheel/largest sprocket and smallest chain wheel/smallest sprocket.
BRAKE ADJUSTMENT. Your bike is fitted with a reliable and well-functioning braking system, provided the brakes are correctly adjusted. Check by measuring the distance between the brake shoes and the rim: it should be 1.5 to 2 mm.

DUAL PIVOT BRAKE. BRAKE ADJUSTMENT.  Cable connection and adjustment of the (Dual Pivot) brake. ONE. Put the quick lever on the closed position. TWO. Adjust the brake shoe clearance (as shown in the illustration) and secure the cable with the pinch bolt nut. Cable bolt tightening torque 6-8 Nm.

DUAL PIVOT BRAKE. CHANGE BRAKE PADS. Change of brake pads. ONE. Loosen up the security screw with a 2 mm allen key. TWO. Push the used brake pad out of the aluminium brake shoe. THREE. Push the new brake pad into the brake shoe, and beware of the arrow which  shows the mounting direction. FOUR. Tighten up the security screw to approximately 1.5 Nm.

DUAL PIVOT BRAKE. CENTERING THE BRAKE SHOES. Make a minor adjustment by using the centring adjustment screw. Readjustment of the brake shoe clearance. Turn the cable-adjustment bolt to readjust the brake shoe clearance