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1. Low adjustment. First remove the Pro-Set alignment block. Next, set so that the clearance between the chain guide inner plate and the chain is 0-0.5 mm.

2. Connecting and securing the inner cable. Operate lever (B) 2 or more times, check on the indicator that the low position is correct, and then secure the inner cable. 

While firmly pulling the inner cable, secure by tightening the fixing bolt with a 5 mm Allen key. 

Install the inner hole cover by turning it as shown in the illustration until it stops. Do not turn it any further than this, otherwise it may damage the screw thread. In addition, if the unit cover becomes bent, it may cause the unit cover to get in the way of the feed lever and prevent the feed lever from operating correctly. If the feed lever does not return correctly, loosen the inner hole cover slightly, and then move the feed lever and the unit cover apart and check if this improves the returning of the feed lever.

Inserting the inner cable. Insert the inner cable into the outer casing from the end with the marking on it. Apply grease from the end with the marking in order to maintain cable operating efficiency. 

Cutting the outer casing. When cutting the outer casing, cut the opposite end to the end with the marking. After cutting the outer casing, make the end round so that the inside of the hole has a uniform diameter.

Attach the same outer end cap to the cut end of the outer casing.

Cut off the excess length of inner cable and then install the inner end cap.

After taking up the initial slack in the cable, re-secure to the front derailleur as shown in the illustration.

3. Top adjustment. Set so that the clearance between the chain guide outer plate and the chain is 0-0.5 mm.

4. Adjustment of the intermediate chainring. When carrying out adjustment, set the chain to the largest sprocket, and at the front, set the chain to the intermediate chainring. Adjust using the outer casing adjustment barrel so that the clearance between the chain guide inner plate and the chain is 0-0.5 mm.