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Kona Lana'i 26"

In the pioneering days of off-road racing, mountain-bike legend Joe Murray won a bunch of races for Kona on a bike that looks and rides a lot like the modern-day Lana’i. That tradition still lives in one of our longest-standing models. With perfect XC geometry, a lifetime warranty, and components that find that sweet balance between performance and price, the Lana’i is the ideal bike for those wanting to dive into the big, wide world of mountain biking. For those of smaller stature and new this year, the Lana’i is available in a 13-inch size/Kona Lana'i 26" 2014
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Kona MTB Trail och All Mountain

Last year we introduced a number of 27.5-inch-wheel MTB XC Trail bikes, including the Explosif, Cinder Cone and Blast. With its great rollability, smart handling and increased traction, for 2015 we couldn’t help but grow the platform by leaps and bounds. While the wheel size works well in applications like Enduro and all-mountain, it also happens to fit beautifully on more recreational models. This year you’ll find the Tika, Fire Mountain and Lanai jump into the modern age, creating a diverse, fun grouping of bikes from expert straight through to entry-level/Kona Trail 27,5" Hardtail MTB 2015

Kona Lana'i Trail MTB

Creating mountain bikes that create mountain bikers: it’s one of our principal mottos here at Kona, and to do it right, it’s monumentally important that we make this bike great. It has to be affordable, but it also has to be a facilitator of awesomeness: smart 27.5-inch wheels for quickness, stability and great handling on any type of terrain— singletrack to gravel roads—a solid 100mm fork, and geometry that is comfortable and fun. The Lanai not only comes perfectly priced, but also imbued with the knowledge and experience of one of the world’s pioneer mountain-bike companies/Kona Lana'i 27,5" 2015