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Kona Dew Stadscyklar

A new model for Kona this year, the Dewey takes a Dew Plus frame with a parts spec more in line with its cousin, the almighty Dew. The result is the best-priced mechanical disc brake we can make. If you’re regularly commuting, riding for recreation or just looking to keep the fitness up, the Dewey is your freedom ticket. Durable, functional, confident and fun. Jump on board a Dewey and ride, young Kemosabe, ride!/Kona Dewey 2015
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Kona Asphalt

It's been called a "19th-century solution to a 21st-century problem." The bicycle. When we mount one, human beings become the most efficient animals on the planet, subsequently making the bicycle the most efficient machine on the planet. The calories in one apple alone can move us miles. At Kona, we live and breathe the inherent power of our "Noblest Invention." It's an agent of change, a way to confidently move forward towards a brighter tomorrow. In essence, the bicycle represents freedom: the freedom to move, to travel, to feel good, and most importantly, while having fun along the way/KONA ASPHALT 2015