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Scott Plasma Premium

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The SCOTT Plasma Premium has been completely redesigned to not only make it more aerodynamically sound, but also to make it faster WITH a moving rider on it than without. Next level adjustability, fuel storage and integration make the Plasma 5 not just a bike, but rather a well-oiled machine with one intention and one intention only- the top step.

Ram Plasma 5 / IMP technology / HMX TT / TRI Geometry / Plasma HMX seatpost / Replaceable hanger / UCI approved
Gaffel eller ev. stötdämpare fram Plasma 5 1"- 1 1/8" Carbon / integrated
Styrlager Syncros Integrated 1 - 1 1/8" drop-in headset
Växelförare bak Shimano Dura Ace RD-9000 22 Speed
Växelförare fram Shimano Dura Ace FD-9000
Växelhandtag Shimano Dura Ace SL-BSR1 bar end
Bromshandtag Profile Design 3 / one C
Bromsar Front: SCOTT TKB136 Rear: Shimano Dura Ace, direct mount
Vevparti Shimano Dura Ace FC-9000 39/53 T
Vevlager Shimano SM-BB92-41B
Styre Profile Plasma 5 Aeria, flat, 420mm
Styre Tempo el. Triathlon Profile T5+
Styrstam Profile Plasma 5 TRI, 30°, 85mm
Sadelstolpe Plasma HMX with Ritchey WCS clamp adjustable head
Sadel Syncros RP1.5 TRI
Nav fram Formula RB 51
Nav bak Formula RB 5711
Kedja Shimano CN-9000
Kassett eller ev. drev bak Shimano CS-9000 / 11 Speed 11-25 T
Ekrar CN - Standard Black 2mm
Fälgar Syncros Race 27 Aero Profile 20 Front / 24 Rear
Däck Continental Grand Sport Race 700 × 23C Fold
Vikt i kg 8.90kg
Vikt i lbs 19.62lbs

S/51 M/54 L/57 XL/60
Head tube angle 72.0 ° 73.0 ° 73.0 ° 73.5 °
Head tube length 110.0 mm 138.0 mm 170.0 mm 199.0 mm
Top tube horizontal 524.0 mm 544.0 mm 564.0 mm 583.0 mm
Standover height 779.0 mm 809.0 mm 839.0 mm 869.0 mm
Bottom bracket offset -65.0 mm -65.0 mm -65.0 mm -65.0 mm
Bottom bracket height 269.0 mm 269.0 mm 269.0 mm 269.0 mm
Wheel base 965.0 mm 983.0 mm 1,009.0 mm 1,029.0 mm
Bottom bracket center to toptube center 514.8 mm 544.6 mm 574.4 mm 604.2 mm
Bottom bracket center to top of seattube 529.8 mm 559.6 mm 589.4 mm 619.2 mm
Seat angle 74.0 ° 75.0 ° 75.0 ° 76.0 °
Chainstay min. 403.0 mm 403.0 mm 403.0 mm 403.0 mm
Reach 668.0 mm 668.0 mm 668.0 mm 668.0 mm
Stack 380.0 mm 397.0 mm 414.0 mm 430.0 mm
Stem length 510.0 mm 540.0 mm 570.0 mm 600.0 mm

Beskrivning av utvalda cykelegenskaper
Fuel storage
Long distance triathletes spend several hours on their bike before switching to the running segment. While aerodynamics and ergonomics are key factors for a fast and efficient bike split, nutrition and hydration are essential to maintain a high pace during both the bike and running legs. With this in mind, the engineering team developed a sophisticated storage system that stands above the rest due to its high degree of usability, while not hampering the aerodynamics of the bike nor the ergonomics of the rider.

Plasma 5 aero drink
The aero drink features a clip-on connection that ensures a firm fixation to the stem and allows for installation and removal of the bottle in a matter of seconds. The hydration system offers a low-weight body made from dishwasher-safe material with a large filling opening. A smooth bottle-frame intersection lowers aerodynamic drag due to optimized airflow recirculation behind the bottle.

Storage box
The storage box features a removable divider and sufficient space for up to 8 energy bars. The rubber top cap grants easy access while drain holes at the bottom of the box prevent water accumulation. The solid body shell ensures an optimized airflow while offering enough knee clearance for the rider. The standard 64mm assembly bolt mount ensures interchangeability with a standard bottle cage.

F01-X230 parametric airfoil
The F01-X230 parametric airfoil was specifically developed for the Plasma 5. This airfoil concept features a set of variable parameters that can be modified according to the airflow characteristics in each of the frameset’s aero zones. Whether it’s clean, uninterrupted airflow meeting the frame or airflow that has been disturbed by components or moving parts of the rider’s body, with the novel airfoil concept the Plasma 5 has been drastically improved with regards to aerodynamic performance.

Ergonomic design
The position of the rider directly influences the force distribution during the pedal stroke and consequently determines pedaling efficiency while the position of the rider’s upper body directly affects aerodynamic drag. An aerodynamically positioned torso will lower drag therefore improve aerodynamic performance. Saddle and handlebar adjustability were in effect a major topic during the developmental phase. Considering the idea that this bike would be ridden by riders of all shapes and sizes, from World Tour riders to long-distance triathletes, the Plasma 5 offers a wide range of adjustability to follow suit.

Two stem otions
For the Plasma 5 there are two stem options available: while the TT stem stays in line with the top tube and allows for a very low position on the bike the riser stem (Triathlon configuration) increases handlebar stack by 45mm while maintaining the reach of the TT stem and allows for the installation of the clip-on Aero Drink.

Plasma 5 Aeria Handlebar Concept
The novel handlebar concept features wide range adjustability, a high-degree of compatibility, allows for proper integration of cables and wires and incorporates the airfoil innovation of the Plasma 5.There are three base bar options that feature different heights and widths and allow for a reach modification of up to 15mm:-30mm drop/400mm widthFlat/420mm width +30mm rise/420mm width The spacers allow for a height adjustment of up to 75mm for the arm rests and extensions. The trailing edge of the spacer features a removable cover that provides easy access to the internal channel where the electronic shifting cables are routed. The extension clamping system features a Ø22.2mm (7/8”) clamping standard to maintain interchangeability with all available extensions from Profile Design and most other brands. The new pad construction features a narrower mounting option and a lower pad design for improved aerodynamic performance and adjustability.

Seat Clamp Adjustability and Seat Post Offset
Compared to the Plasma 3, the seat post of the Plasma 5 is not in line with the seat tube but rather at an angle. The resulting saddle clamp adjustment range remains almost identical independent of saddle height. In addition, the seat post has been modified and features an additional 10mm of horizontal adjustment.

Integrated front and rear brakes
While a standard Shimano direct-mount rear brake has been properly integrated below the bottom bracket, a proprietary front brake was developed. The low design and aerodynamic shape ensure compatibility with the front brake cover, while an improved leverage ratio and a rigid construction assure reliable and consistent braking power. The fork features two interfaces that allow for the installation of any direct mount or standard brake caliper.
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